The Perfect Spa Day At Home From Head To Toe

It’s very important to take some time out of each week for yourself. If you’re ever feeling down or overwhelmed a spa day at home is the perfect remedy. It costs less, you don’t have the stress of going out in public, and it’s a way to show yourself care and love. I’m going to walk you through my perfect home spa day routine from head to toe. Put on some soothing music, grab a delicious drink, and enjoy!

Dry brushing

Many people don’t know about dry brushing (I found my dry brush at Ulta). This is something you are going to want to do before your bath, the skin must be dry. Start from the bottom of your legs and work your way up using upward strides multiple times. This is going to help exfoliant dead skin cells, relieve stress, unclog pores, and even fight against cellulite.

Run a warm bath with beneficial additives

There is nothing like soaking in a nice warm bath, accompanied by a ice cold drink and some relaxing music. Adding about two cups of epsom salt to your bath water is going to help ease your tensed up muscles; it is also known to draw toxins out of the body. Mix in around a half cup of baking soda, this is going to to provide skin softening, anti-fungal properties to your water. Lastly I like to add in a generous amount of essential oils to the water for aromatherapy. If you are looking for a stress relieving experience I recommend lavender oil. If you have headaches or aches in general I use peppermint oil, but go easy because too much of this oil can be irritating. If you’ve been fighting a cold add eucalyptus oil to your bath, it will help ease a sniffy nose.

Make sure you drink plenty of water during and after your detoxifying bath routine, the combination of salts and baking soda can make you sweat a lot.

Hair Care

Start by cleansing your hair with a good moisturizing shampoo, massaging your scalp with your fingertips (not your nails), and rinse with warm water to keep the hair cuticle open. Follow by lathering your hair generously with a nice hair mask or deep conditioner, I like to let mine sit while I continue the rest of my bathing routine. This time rinse your hair in cool water to close up the cuticle and lock in all the moisture from the hair mask.

Face Time

Gently cleanse your face with your favorite cleanser by using soft circular upward motions with your fingertips. Once you rinse your skin apply a light facial scrub using the same soft motions (do not use exfoliants that have a very abrasive grit, this could cause micro tears in the skin). Rinse your face and gently pat it dry, then generously apply your favorite face mask that complies with your skin type. If you have oily, breakout prone skin try using a charcoal mask; for dry skin use something moisturizing like an avocado mask.

The Body

Start off by cleansing your body with your favorite soap or body wash, I like to use wash clothes because over time loofahs can build up bacteria. After bathing, exfoliate your body with a gentle exfoliant to get rid of build up and dead skin cells, I recommend doing this once or twice a week. On the days I exfoliate I like that to be the day I shave, I feel that you get a cleaner shave and the blades can also work as an extra exfoliant getting rid of any dead skin cells left behind. Many people choose to use shaving cream which is absolutely fine but I prefer using conditioner to rehydrate the skin. If you are a fan of Lush they offer many scents of “in shower” body conditioner which is also a nice treat to top everything off at the end.

Foot Care

It’s very important to take care of your feet, especially if you’re on them all day at work. Give yourself a luxury foot massage with a hydrating exfoliant. About two to three times a month I feel that it is a good idea to go over your heals and anywhere on your feet that you develop calluses with a pumas stone (I buy the purple one they sell at Sally’s). Just be careful not to pumas your feet too much because it will leave them extremely sore.

After Bath Routine

After you get out of the bath and pat off dry there are a few little extras you can add on to make this experience extra special. The skin on your face is so fragile so it’s very important to use a toner, eye cream, and moisturizer. Don’t forget to moisturize your neck, the skin is fragile in that area and is very wrinkle prone. Spritz a leave-in conditioner in your hair to keep it protected from heat and nicely hydrated (Pravana Nevo Intense leave-in conditioner is my all time favorite). If you choose to polish you toenails let them completely dry, then lather your feet up with a rich body butter and put on some cozy socks to lock it in.

Caring for your nails

Finger and toe nails because they can be one of the dirtiest parts of your body. I like to keep my nails clipped short and filed smooth to avoid capturing bacteria and grime. If you love a pop of color push back those cuticles and glaze a beautiful shade overtop, followed by a top coat to prolong the wear. I prefer a gel polish because it lasts a lot longer than regular nail polish. After drying, hydrate your cuticle line with a nourishing cuticle oil to avoid pesky hangnails (I recommend polishing your nails after your bath to prevent chipping)

I hope you enjoyed my version of a perfect spa day at home. Self care is very important when it comes to your mental state, it’s a way to show yourself that you love yourself. I would love to hear in the comment section how you enjoy a home spa day! What’s some of your favorite tips and tricks?


Make 2020 Your Best Year!

I’m sure many of you can agree that 2019 wasn’t the best year ever. I’ve been going over it in my mind and I want to share some ways we could all improve our lives and make 2020 the best year yet! Remember it’s never too late to make a change, this is your life and it’s time to take the reins!

Physical Health

Start by putting your health first. I highly recommend making a doctors appointment this January and see where you stand with your health. Get a physical and a biometric screening to see what changes you may need to take in your diet and exercise routine. I think getting a doctor’s opinion is super important because everyone’s body is not the same and some people need different health plans than others. If you feel good you’re going to have the energy to get stuff done and be much happier doing it.

Mental Health Care

Consider counseling. Mental health is so important and there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeing a councilor. If you have built up feelings or have experienced trauma it’s time to get it off your chest and seek answers on how to deal with things. Sometimes it takes a few times to find the right councilor for you, it took me three different people before I found the right one for me and it has been a life changer. Talking to someone in confidence feels like taking the weight off your shoulders.

Take Time For Yourself

Stop putting off the things you want to do! I know life gets hectic but it’s critical for you to take some time out of each week for yourself. If there’s a hobby you’re wanting to take up, finally do it! And stay consistent with it, pick a day out of each week to spend at least and hour on something you love doing. If there is somewhere you’ve been wanting to go, request time off at your work and go. We are never promised tomorrow and we only have one life on this earth so we need to enjoy it.

Learn Something New

I think it’s really important for us to grow as a person. Think of one thing you’ve always wanted to learn how to do, for me it’s speaking Spanish. Make this the year that you broaden your mind and learn something you’ve always wanted to be able to do. And don’t worry about what other people think about it, people always have opinions but guess what? It’s just opinions and it doesn’t matter. If you’re 50 years old and want to go back to school, do it! If you’re 35 and want to learn how to skateboard, do it! Nothing that you want to do is silly, no matter what your age is; if your heart wants it, do it.

Spend More Time In Nature

If you’re like our family we spend too much time in front of the television or on our phones. God gave us a huge world with so much to offer and it’s time we get outside and experience it! Go for more walks, go see new places, take leisurely drives down new roads you haven’t traveled. Not everyone can afford to travel but there is so much to see locally and you will be so surprised if you get out there and adventure it! This will also open up communication with whomever you’re with because you won’t be distracted by media and you will become closer.

Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships can go way beyond your partner, it could be a friend, coworker, or even a family member. If there is someone in your life that is constantly making you feel bad about yourself it’s time to let them go. In some cases it can be hard because it’s people you have to be around (like a work) but you can distance yourself from them and not entertain their abuse. Deep down you know the people in your life who will always put themselves before you and those are not your people. Surround yourself in loving uplifting relationships. True friends want what’s best for you and help you during your hard times, not make it worse. You can still be kind and cordial but you do not have to take emotional and mental abuse from other people.

Your Job

If your job is sucking the life out of you, start preparing for new employment elsewhere. We spend most of our time at work so strive to work somewhere you can see yourself happy at. There are so many tips on Pinterest about preparing for a new job (resume help, questions employers might ask, what to wear at a interview, etcetera). However, (from personal experience) it may take time getting the job you want so do not quit your current job until you find another one, bills still have to get paid.

Bad Habits That Compromise Your Health

Most people have their hang ups that are super detrimental to your health, in my case it’s laziness and vaping. Consider letting go of something that is hurting your well being such as excess drinking, smoking, drugs, over eating, etcetera. All these things are only going to make you feel physically worse. Bad habits are hard to break but if you try to cut them down little by little it makes it a lot easier than quitting cold turkey. Find other things that are beneficial to your life to focus on and help take your mind off the bad habits.

There are also bad habits that can compromise you aside from substances- like my laziness. Maybe you have the same issue or you have problems with lying or talking bad about people. Try to catch and correct yourself when you find yourself heading down these paths. Embed it in your mind that this hang up is an issue and over time you’ll start catching yourself and doing these things less.

Don’t bring 2019’s negativity with you into this new year. This is your chance to start fresh and make changes, and you don’t have to wait- start today! What all do you wish to accomplish in 2020? I hope everyone has a phenomenal new year filled with positive changes and experiences.


When Your Spouse Has Depression

When a spouse has depression it can effect the whole family. I myself struggle with anxiety and depression and there have been times when my symptoms have impacted my marriage. Many times a struggling spouse doesn’t know how to express what they need, therefore the other person doesn’t know how to care for them. In this post I want to give my personal insight on how to care for your partner (Disclaimer: this is based off personal opinions and experience, I am not a doctor).

When your partner is struggling with depression they may show many signs and sometimes no sign at all. Here are some of the common things to look for when your spouse is hurting:

• anger/ short temper/ aggression

• frequent crying and sadness

• reclusive behavior- not leaving the house much and staying to themselves often

• weight loss due to nerves / weight gain due to using food as comfort

• confusion and excessive forgetfulness

• lack of intimacy and romance

• being clingy and needing a lot of your time and attention (I know it can be annoying but please don’t lash out at them, this is a big sign they really need you right now; Talk to them).

Aside from aggression I have experienced all of these symptoms at some point in my life. Now to the important part: What you can do to help ease their pain:

• Let them know you’re there for them and actually be there when you say you will.

• Show compassion, try putting yourself in their shoes. If they’re too paralyzed with depression to get the housework done don’t get angry with them, even offer to help out if you can.

• Be a good listener. Even if you don’t know the right things to say, just listening means the world to someone who’s mentally struggling. And please, if they start to open up pause the television- they need your upmost attention right now

• Ask questions- find out what’s making them feel this way. This is going to give you a better understanding of why they’re experiencing symptoms and how they are feeling internally. Mental illness causes all kinds of havoc in the body, from muscle aches to stomach pain and so much more.

• If they recluse themselves don’t try to force conversation out of them. Simply let them know you’re here for them, that you love them, and give them a little space if they need it. Let them know when they’re ready that you will be right there to listen.

• Go the extra mile- hold them for a little while. When I can’t pull myself together my husband holds me as I cry into his T-shirt; I feel the weight of the world melt off my shoulders. Let them know you love them.

Severe depression is nothing to take lightly. I have personally lost a friend and a family member to mental illness, my family almost lost me a few months ago. Here are 5 red flags that indicates it’s time to insure that they get professional help (no person handles things the same, there are defiantly more than 5 signs, however I’m covering the ones I personally know all too well).

1. Self Harm / Talking About Self Harming

2. Expressing signs of total despair, devastation, or trauma

3. Cutting ties with people, things, and hobbies that normally bring them happiness

4. Turning to bad habits that may be life/health threatening (drugs is a good example)

5. Participating in reckless activities because they no longer care about their life and what could happen to it

It is very important to keep in mind that not all people are going to have the same symptoms, some may show no signs at all. When you hear people quote about how “the happiest people being the saddest” it is normally true, they wear a mask and that’s the most dangerous thing of all. I really hope you will take this blog to heart and always remember to be kind, you don’t know what someone else is going through. I hope Iv shared good insight to those who love someone with mental illness, maybe this will help you see their situation in a different light. My last piece of advice: Sit down and have a loving conversation with your partner, let them know they are very loved, and ask them what you can do to help them.


Smells Like Clean Spirit

Life can be chaotic, between work and family it’s super easy to fall behind on housework. When your space is cluttered you’re more likely to become frustrated and anxious. I want to share with you my top 5 tips on how to incorporate housework into your hectic weekly schedule, without becoming overwhelmed.

1. Having Daily Tasks

I say “tasks” because it sounds a little more enticing than “chores”, sometimes it’s the small things that change the mindset. I like to have three tasks that gets done daily- for me personally it’s making the bed, loading/unloading this dishwasher, and putting a load of laundry on to wash/dry. It’s best to choose three simple tasks that don’t take a lot of time, that way you don’t get overwhelmed but still manage to get things crossed off your list.

(Some of my favorite cleaning products!)

2. Focusing on One Thing at a Time

Trying to take on a million things at once when you’re already stressed out is never a good idea. Breaking things down chore by chore (or room by room) helps you get things done more thoroughly without becoming overwhelmed. Don’t forget to take breaks and drink plenty of water!

3. Kick the Clutter!

I’m a recovered “clutter bug” and have been on a minimalistic journey for the past two years- by far one of the best changes I have ever made in my life. If there is an item in your house that is expired or broken toss it! If there are items that are still in good shape but do not fit you or doesn’t serve a purpose in your life, donate or sell it! I highly recommend trying a quarterly declutter and get rid of things that are taking up space and collecting dust in your home. Three of my favorite areas to start are:

• Toss all expired food / give away unexpired food that you are not going to eat.

• Declutter your closet at the start of each season. Yes it’s time consuming but if it does not fit or if it’s torn it’s taking up space.

• Get rid of expired beauty products. Sometimes we forget makeup and hygiene products have a shelf life. You don’t want to get an infection using old mascara! Also don’t forget to clean your brushes and sponges, they harbor bacteria.

I love Mrs Meyers! It smells amazing and its safe!

4. Once a Month Deep Cleans

I already know some people are probably thinking “only once a month?!” But I’m just being real here; when you’re fighting mental illness on top of working a job there are some chores you just don’t make time for. Anywho, choose a one day out of each month to devote to the “big stuff” like mopping, wiping down walls, baseboards, etc. I know these are the things no one wants to do but you will feel so much better once you do!

5. Don’t Be Afriad To Ask For Help

Whether you’re working a full time job or you’re a stay at home mom, everyone needs help sometimes. If there are multiple people living in your household ask each person to help out with one task a week, this will take a huge load off of you (and I promise it won’t kill them to help out, they live there too!).

I hope this post motivates you to go through your home and tidy your space. When I started my journey it was a little stressful at first, but it becomes addictive! I find myself less stressed and more at peace when my space is clean and everything is in its place. I would love to hear your cleaning tips and motivation in the comments!


Encourage, Inspire, Motivate

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Melissa Carter, I am a wife, dog mom, and cosmetologist. I have struggled my whole life with depression and anxiety… honestly my heart is racing right now writing this first post!

My goal is to create a blog that will motivate, encourage, and uplift others who are struggling.

I hope you enjoy my blog and that it brings peace and positivity to your life. I plan on posting every Tuesday (and Thursdays if possible), if you like this type of content please subscribe to my blog and feel free to share!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, this blog is all based off my life experiences and what I have learned.