Ways To Save Money & Earn Money Back!

One of my favorite hobbies is finding ways to save money and earn cash back- it’s literally a thrill for me. In today’s post I want to share with you some of my favorite ways to be frugal. I will leave my referral codes where possible (because on many rebate apps you will get a bonus as well!)

  1. Rebate Apps

If you own a smartphone you have the potential to earn hundreds of dollars back a year, and its on things you buy every week at the grocery store. I will start with my favorite and go from there:

  • Ibotta This has been one of my all time favorites; since I started ibotta thus far I have earned $276.05 back from buying stuff at Walmart. This app has numerous stores you can shop from and get money back via PayPal or a nice selection of store gift cards such as Walmart, Amazon, and even restaurants! Referral code: wihcsvg
  • Fetch Rewards Scan your receipts on this app and earn points that will earn you a variety of gift cards (like Walmart), you could get your rewards on a MasterCard/Visa, or there is even an option where you can donate your rewards money to a charity! Referral code: Q74W1
  • Shopkick This is a fun app! on this app you rack up points by scanning barcodes on certain items (you don’t have to buy them, but if you did you get even more points); you can even earn points just by walking into certain stores! You can have your earnings sent to your paypal, trade them in for gift cards like Ulta, Disney, or Hotels.com. Referral code: SALE393966
  • Receipt Hog This app only requires scanning all your receipts. Each receipt will earn you coins that turn into cash and you can have it put on your Paypal or Amazon.
  • Checkout 51 So far i have earned $68.10 on this app! this one is a lot like Ibotta, you scan for the items you bought and take a photo of your receipt. After the item has been verified they will add the money to your earning, as soon as you reach the “cash out limit” they mail you a check. Referral link: https://checkout51.app.link/20hBgZCRT1

2. Coupons

Couponing can be a little time consuming depending on how deep you get into it. There are many couponing groups for certain stores on Facebook that are very helpful.

  • Coupon Apps & Websites Some websites offer manufacturers coupons such as P&G, Coupons.com, etcetera. Coupons.com also comes in an app form that will allow you to print coupons via bluetooth compadable printer.
  • Newspapers Sunday newspapers have inserts containing manufacturers coupons (expect for on holiday weekends). Some social media groups share what coupons are coming out each sunday so you will know if its worth spending money on the paper. MAKE SURE YOUR INSERT IS IN TACT BEFORE YOU SHUT THE DOOR!!! There are dishonest people in this world who will steal the inserts out of all the newspapers. Before I slowed down couponing I would wake up at 5 a.m. on my off day to meet the paper delivery man (if I didnt people would steal all the inserts and id go home empty handed and 50 cents broker).
  • Digital Coupons Digital coupons are my favorite (except for when the system isn’t working- it happens, its a little embarrassing). I love these because you dont have to pay for them and you dont have to print them, wasting ink and paper.

Stores like publix and dollar general will allow you to use coupons on most sale items so make sure you compare your ad to the available coupons. This is where you’re really going to save some cash!

It is also very important that you learn your store’s coupon policy! Plus make sure you read the fine print on your coupons and verify that your item matches. Don’t try to use coupons on items it wasn’t made for, people will tell you “it will go through” but its dishonest.

Fun Fact: Sometimes big companies like Frito-lay will mail you coupons if you send them feedback on their websites (I always let them know how much my husband loves Doritos).

3. Earning Free Products

  • Influenster This is an app where you connect your social media and give honest reviews of products you’ve used. Followers on social media and referrals earn points on your “impact score”. The higher your impact score, and the more you review and interact, the more likely you are to receive a Voxbox. A voxbox is when Influenster sends you a free product(s) in the mail in exchange for an honest review. Once you receive your box you will be given a challenge to earn badges by sharing on each of your social medias your honest opinion on the product, then submitting it to Influenster. Referral link: http://www.influenster.com/r/4777348
  • Food Apps Many restaurants are building their business with rewards apps you can download on your smartphone. Usually the jist of it is “if you buy so many you get something free”. Some of my favorite food apps are Panara Bread, Jimmy Johns, and Firehouse Subs.
  • Retail stores many retail stores also have rewards systems where you can earn free stuff! Make sure you download the apps to the stores you shop at. Stores like Ulta and Maurice’s have a wonderful points system.

I hope you found this blog helpful. Thanks to couponing and rebates I was able to supply my home, my parents, and my brother’ home with hygiene, household, and even sometimes food and pet items for two years. If you have any questions feel free to ask; Also if you have a favorite way to save please share in the comments!


Smells Like Clean Spirit

Life can be chaotic, between work and family it’s super easy to fall behind on housework. When your space is cluttered you’re more likely to become frustrated and anxious. I want to share with you my top 5 tips on how to incorporate housework into your hectic weekly schedule, without becoming overwhelmed.

1. Having Daily Tasks

I say “tasks” because it sounds a little more enticing than “chores”, sometimes it’s the small things that change the mindset. I like to have three tasks that gets done daily- for me personally it’s making the bed, loading/unloading this dishwasher, and putting a load of laundry on to wash/dry. It’s best to choose three simple tasks that don’t take a lot of time, that way you don’t get overwhelmed but still manage to get things crossed off your list.

(Some of my favorite cleaning products!)

2. Focusing on One Thing at a Time

Trying to take on a million things at once when you’re already stressed out is never a good idea. Breaking things down chore by chore (or room by room) helps you get things done more thoroughly without becoming overwhelmed. Don’t forget to take breaks and drink plenty of water!

3. Kick the Clutter!

I’m a recovered “clutter bug” and have been on a minimalistic journey for the past two years- by far one of the best changes I have ever made in my life. If there is an item in your house that is expired or broken toss it! If there are items that are still in good shape but do not fit you or doesn’t serve a purpose in your life, donate or sell it! I highly recommend trying a quarterly declutter and get rid of things that are taking up space and collecting dust in your home. Three of my favorite areas to start are:

• Toss all expired food / give away unexpired food that you are not going to eat.

• Declutter your closet at the start of each season. Yes it’s time consuming but if it does not fit or if it’s torn it’s taking up space.

• Get rid of expired beauty products. Sometimes we forget makeup and hygiene products have a shelf life. You don’t want to get an infection using old mascara! Also don’t forget to clean your brushes and sponges, they harbor bacteria.

I love Mrs Meyers! It smells amazing and its safe!

4. Once a Month Deep Cleans

I already know some people are probably thinking “only once a month?!” But I’m just being real here; when you’re fighting mental illness on top of working a job there are some chores you just don’t make time for. Anywho, choose a one day out of each month to devote to the “big stuff” like mopping, wiping down walls, baseboards, etc. I know these are the things no one wants to do but you will feel so much better once you do!

5. Don’t Be Afriad To Ask For Help

Whether you’re working a full time job or you’re a stay at home mom, everyone needs help sometimes. If there are multiple people living in your household ask each person to help out with one task a week, this will take a huge load off of you (and I promise it won’t kill them to help out, they live there too!).

I hope this post motivates you to go through your home and tidy your space. When I started my journey it was a little stressful at first, but it becomes addictive! I find myself less stressed and more at peace when my space is clean and everything is in its place. I would love to hear your cleaning tips and motivation in the comments!